WE ART THE PEOPLE (WATP) is a French band from Paris mainly composed by Weddy Book (& Guests…) with numerous musical skills : 

writers, composers, producers, musicians and vocalists.

Passioned by Afro-American music since their young ages (James Brown, George Clinton, Michael Jackson, Prince…) WATP has the goal to spread funk essence in the people heart…

With their former bands, they performed in several Parisian clubs and French festivals. (Of which KOOL & THE GANG, STROMAE…) 

The band really found its true identity and artistic direction under the name of WE ART THE PEOPLE aka WATP.

Their first single « Sounds Of My Life » (March 2017) was fastly played by UK, Canadian and French radios station. 

Then, WATP launched their 2nd EP called « Liberty » (Spring 2018). 

After a year of many artistic collaborations (DJs…), WATP is « cooking » their future EP for the beginning of 2020.

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